I see that every now and then I get a visitor.  I’m truly flattered.  Odds are it means you’ve read something I posted elsewhere and clicked through out of curiosity.  Here’s the thing; I had a post and started a few others.  There’s so much I’d like to express, so many thoughts and opinions.  Those opinions are always evolving though.  I’m constantly trying to gain a deeper understanding.  So, if I do start adding content, please feel free to pick it apart.  I am no authority on anything and, no matter how confident my writing style may seem, I’m really just looking for you to educate me.

However, if you wandered through here with something on your mind, post it in the comments section.  This post can be an informal meeting space or Q&A or whatever.


About Open Minded Observer

Smart enough to know I don't know anything but naive enough to think I can learn.
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