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Uncle Tom was a Badass!

Read the book…

The REAL book, by Harriett Beecher Stowe from 1852.  The modern day derogatory meaning behind “Uncle Tom” was deliberately created as a tool of oppression in the early 1900s.  The real Uncle Tom character was a hero, a highly principled man that stood firm in his beliefs and stood up for his fellow slaves even in the face of unspeakable evil at the hands of his owners.

If you knew all that, read the book anyway.  It was an important and influential abolitionist work that needs to be remembered and appreciated.

I love you… and you are wrong.

What follows is something generic I wrote in response to pretty much every “fake news” article, every hateful meme, every one-sided and uninformed thing that any of my friends ever expressed or posted online.  …and when I write ‘friends’, you have to know that I kept a pretty tightly curated list of folks I socialized with online before taking my leave of mainstream social media networks all together.  So, these are people I was close with, not just “some dude I knew in middle school” or whatever.  Anyway…

Let me start by stating that I know you to be a kind, loving and compassionate person.  Unfortunately, you’re also ignorant.  WAIT WHAT THE HECK?!?  It’s critical to understand that “ignorant” doesn’t mean “unintelligent”.  It only means uninformed or, in this specific case, incompletely informed.  I truly don’t mean it as an insult.  We’re all guilty of formulating and  expressing opinions based on incomplete information.   I do it all the time.

Everyone is entitled to form their own opinions and, for the most part, they’re entitled to openly and freely express those opinions.  It doesn’t matter whether that’s verbal expression or the somewhat more passive tactic of endorsing a controversial meme on social media.  You and I are free to formulate and express our opinions however we see fit.  I’m going to do that now, and I sincerely hope you will give my opinion at least as much thought as I gave yours before posting this.

I appreciate that your opinion is the product of the information you have consumed so far.  The thing is, that information is incomplete.  You cannot possibly form a realistic opinion by consuming such 1-sided information.  The “news” sources you view may not lie, but I guarantee you, they omit relevant facts in order to present information that only supports their own theories.  Next you have begun seeking out other sources that re-affirm that opinion and even re-sharing/re-posting articles and memes to create an echo-chamber that builds what is called confirmation bias (google it, I won’t’ bore you with it here).  

You and I may disagree on things.  Disagreement can be a good thing.  When two smart and informed people disagree, often it allows BOTH to broaden their understanding.  When we allow ourselves to re-post, endorse and spout off the opinions of others, we become their puppets.  When an otherwise intelligent person begins clinging to an uninformed opinion and actively dismissing facts in order to remain in a bubble, respect erodes, friendships end, bitterness festers and hatred takes root.  Throughout all of human history, no good has ever come from an uninformed society… but certainly anger and war have right?

Please, I beg of you, take a step back and you’ll see.  Deliberately seek out opposition to the viewpoints you’re consuming and you’ll start to see that ALL of our current sources are attempting to influence you instead of simply relaying facts.  Then, once you are free of their bubble, seek out the facts, consume a broad array of viewpoints as much as you can before formulating your own opinion.  I’m not talking about wild, unfounded conspiracy theories… I’m talking about hard, verifiable facts.  Try to resist the influence of media predictions, theories and opinions.  Once you start looking, you’ll see that for every “study” there’s another one that reaches an opposing conclusion…  For every “statistic”, there’s multiple interpretations.  You’ll see, I now you will, because I know you… I care about you and I like to think you care about me enough to broaden your perspective.

Once you do, I’m certain you will see that here, in this specific instance, you were wrong.

Unfortunately, I’m long-winded… so nobody was ever gonna read that… in fact, I bet nobody is reading this right now… I wrote it and posted it for me… like throwing a letter to the wind.

Thanks, I feel better now.



The ‘N-Word’

I have to admit, I just don’t understand the allure of using the “N” word for otherwise well-meaning White people.  Sure, I get why white supremacists and racist types would use it.  What I struggle with is people that would otherwise seem to be on the right side of racial issues.  You know, people that would argue against racism or at the very least consider themselves to be colorblind (which is an entirely different topic that I won’t dig into here).

I’ve spent a lot of time discussing, reading, and listening to various points on both sides of this and I still don’t get it.  I do understand the “free speech” side of the argument, but just because you’re free to say something doesn’t mean that you should.  Isn’t that why we limit children from swearing?  To teach them that there’s a difference between appropriate and inappropriate speech?  Why would a grown adult use language that they know to be hateful, disrespectful and condescending to a huge group of people they’ve never met?  Whether it’s targeted at an individual or used generically is irrelevant.  Perhaps they just don’t have a sense of the impact.  There’s no equivalent word that can be used to imply all Whites are “less than” in the way that the “N” word implies a belief that all Black people are somehow below you.

A classic example was how Bill Maher used it recently.  There’s a guy that, whatever you may think of his intellect or his politics, is generally thought of as someone that wouldn’t intentionally attempt to degrade an entire race.  However, that’s exactly what he expressed when he used the phrase, “Work in the fields?  Senator, I’m a house N…”  He was trying to be funny, but what he did instead was imply that somehow, some slaves “had it good” and that he would somehow have had a choice in the matter of what kind of slave he would be.   Hmmm… you think the slave masters also felt field work was beneath them?  Now, Bill apologized and maybe learned something along the way, but I just can’t wrap my head around how someone that makes a living from being informed on the current social and political climate could be so ignorant in the first place.

So, for those of you that stumbled on this silly little posting and happen to be White, here are some rules I’ve been able to put together based on my extensive research:

  1. DON’T SAY IT.
  2. Seriously, it’s not funny, it’s not artistically expressive, it’s not cool or hip, it’s not somehow ok because you think you’ve earned anti-racism credits by marching or having Black friends, spouses, kids or whatever.  It’s hateful.  It’s hateful at the deepest level.  Using it, no matter the context, conveys that you feel you have the privilege to define its meaning instead of the people it hurts. So, don’t.  Just… no.

What’s in a name?

The nickname I chose when I created my WordPress account was “Open Minded Observer”.  It still is at the time of this writing.  I liked it.  I thought it captured qualities about me that were relevant to my presence within the WordPress ecosystem.

However, recently a few people have commented that I may not be as “open-minded” as my nickname implies.  While I am a big fan of irony, I did not intend for my name to be ironic when I chose it.  I think I actually believed that I was completely open-minded and intended to simply observe the world around me in order to grow.  Well, it turns out the name is probably more of a goal than a representation of where I’m currently at.  The irony here is that I’m open-minded enough to accept the observations of others regarding my own lack of open-mindedness.

Yep, it seems like I have opinions.  I guess I always knew that.  In fact, the “Open Minded” part of my nickname was meant to show that I’m open to changing those opinions.  So, then it must be the “Observer” part that is the real issue.  A true “Open Minded Observer” would not express any opinions.  I would simply hold those opinions and observe the opinions of others while remaining open to changing my own.  That’s a real challenge.  Growth can come through discourse and the exchange of ideas.

I’d say that maybe an observer could also highlight facts to assist others with their discourse, but it seems that facts aren’t quite what they used to be anymore.  There’s basically no perceived difference between a fact and a “fact” (with air quotes).  That’s something Stephen Colbert pointed out years ago when he coined the word “truthiness”.  I do like being helpful though… even if sometimes that turns out to be “helpful” (also in air quotes).

Anyway, I’ll remain committed to my name as something to strive for even though I acknowledge its inaccuracy and possible irony.  Thanks to those that pointed it out.


I see that every now and then I get a visitor.  I’m truly flattered.  Odds are it means you’ve read something I posted elsewhere and clicked through out of curiosity.  Here’s the thing; I had a post and started a few others.  There’s so much I’d like to express, so many thoughts and opinions.  Those opinions are always evolving though.  I’m constantly trying to gain a deeper understanding.  So, if I do start adding content, please feel free to pick it apart.  I am no authority on anything and, no matter how confident my writing style may seem, I’m really just looking for you to educate me.

However, if you wandered through here with something on your mind, post it in the comments section.  This post can be an informal meeting space or Q&A or whatever.