Comment Policy

If I ever do post anything, please comment!  I will not remove any comment simply for offering a differing opinion.  Quite the opposite, I will attempt to understand any and all opinions expressed in an effort to better frame my own opinions on the topic.

That said, please keep posts ON TOPIC.  If your comment is OFF TOPIC, it may be moved or removed. Please refrain from personal attacks and name calling.  This applies to other commenters as well as anyone else.  If the subject of a post is a person, feel free to express your opinion that the person should be in jail or that the person appears clueless.  DO NOT call that person an idiot.  Put simply… “The actions of XYZ were idiotic” = OK.  “XYZ is an idiot” = NOT OK.

I have no policy on swearing at this point.  I recognize that swearing can be useful in conveying emotion in a conversational tone.  So, if you must swear, swear responsibly. 🙂

That’s it.  It’s my blog and, in the end, I’ll do whatever I want.  However, I think you’ll find that I’ll err on the side of being overly accepting of comments and commenters.